Artistic processing of Venetian blown glass in the Murano style

We make chandeliers, lamps, sconces and other objects in blown glass with Muranese style.

The tradition of manufacturing Murano glass chandeliers in Venice dates back to the Middle Ages and has been a very important art for the city for many centuries.

The processing of Murano glass chandeliers is an artisanal process that requires skill, experience and great attention to detail. The process begins with the glass being melted at a very high temperature, the molten glass is then blown into a shape using a torch. Once the glass has cooled, it is finished and decorated by hand using various techniques.

Murano glass chandeliers are famous for their beauty and quality. They are often decorated with elaborate patterns, hemlines, morisses and other hot-cut decorations.

This tradition of manufacturing Murano glass chandeliers in Venice has been handed down from generation to generation, and still lives on in our glassworks today through the production of unique pieces.


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