Making custom-made chandeliers

We produce blown glass based on lighting projects in collaboration with professionals or individuals

The manufacturing process of a custom-made chandelier may vary depending on the design and specific needs of the customer.

  • customer specifications (idea, drawing or project)
  • quick analysis and budgeting
  • creation of the illuminating object
  • delivery and installation

In general, the process includes creating a customized project based on customer requests, selecting materials, manufacturing and finishing the chandelier. The materials commonly used for making custom-made chandeliers are blown and freehand glass, glass blown on latch dies, glass worked on a plate, metals such as copper and brass.

To create a custom-made chandelier, we use different processing methods, including glass blowing, hand working, metal welding and crystal grinding.

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Making a custom-made chandelier can be an expensive operation compared to buying a standard chandelier, but it can be an excellent choice for those who want a unique and personalized piece for their home or for a professional environment. Our glassworks are a specialized partner for the creation of a custom-made chandelier and guarantees a safe and high-quality result.

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