Venetian blown glass lamp

Designer Riccardo Fasolo

Color and transparency: the beauty of Murano glass!

Are you looking for a modern and original lamp?
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Are you looking for an object that marries the environment newfangled of your house? Cioppo is a design lamp that embraces and completes your contemporary decor.
Are you thinking of giving a touch of color and modernity to your environment?
Thanks to his clean lines And his design minimal, Cioppo connects even with the most classic furnishings.

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Technical Specifications
white sphere_
18cm Dia
half sphere_
24cm Dia
Central sledge_
22cm H.
45cm H.
E14 LED/50 watts
7 kg.

Bottega Veneziana

We are a family-run furnace that has been working with blown glass in Venice for years.
We made glass ours passion!
We create chandeliers, suspensions, lamps, objects and glass elements following Murano processing techniques.
Over time, we have experimented New ways to blow and shape glass to obtain more modern and current shapes, such as ours Cioppo table lamps.

Cioppo Murano lamp


Answers to your questions
Can I customize the colors?

Certainly! you can ask to have your lamp in the colors you prefer.

How much does a lamp weigh?

This is a unique handmade product whose weight is about 7 kg for each lamp.

What type of lighting does CIOPPO support?

The lamp can use an LED bulb with natural, warm or cold light type E14 with a capacity of 50 watts.

Can the lamp be integrated into home automation?

Absolutely yes!

Can I decide on the finish of the metal parts of the lamp?

The frame is made of iron and can be colored with the desired finish in addition to the standard finish: burnished.

How is the drop anchored to the ceiling?

Depending on the chosen composition, you can decide to make a ceiling lamp with sizes suitable to contain the cables supporting the individual drops. For example, we have installed rectangular ceiling lights (40x60cm) with 25 drops, square (40x40cm) with 20 drops, oval (90x60) with 45 drops, round (30x30cm) with 5 drops or we have 13cm rosettes for single drops.
We installed drops attached directly to the plasterboard.
Request a free consultation to get advice on how you could install your drops.

I would like to know more about the ceiling light?

The ceiling light is made from time to time according to the project. It is made of iron and is galvanized and finished in chrome, gold or burnished. The weight naturally varies from size, for example a 40x60 cm plate with a border of about 5 cm weighs 15/18 kg. It comes complete with all the brackets for anchoring to the ceiling

How is the CIOPPO lamp shipped?

The packaging is on double-wave cardboard. The lamp is shipped completely finished and wired ready to be placed on a table and turned on. The cardboard with the lamp is then inserted into a larger carton with shockproof material to protect the inner envelope from damage during transport. Every shipment is insured.

Can I ask that the installation be done by your staff?

YES! our team, on request, also provides for the delivery and installation of the drops including the installation of the ceiling light and the electrical connection.

If I buy the CIOPPO lamp what do I get?

The finished product contains: all three blown glass, the frame with the base, all the electrical part already assembled and working ready to be connected to the electrical network and turned on. ATTENTION the E14 bulb is not supplied.

Would you like to resell this product?

If you have a business and would like to sell this or other Venetian blown glass products produced by our furnace, write to us now
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